Marinilla Educational Park

Marinilla, Colombia


Gobernación de Antioquia

Pompidou (Paris) permanent collection

Juan Manuel Gil. Manuela Dangond, Maria Sol Echeverri, Aldo Sicilia, Carlos Medellín, Juliana Zambrano, Nicolas Paris, Olivier Dambron, Patricia Gualteros, Sebastián Negret, Yuli Velásquez. Practicantes: Kelly Lambale, Milou Telling, Mohamed Al-Shafie, Enrico Perini.

Rodrigo Dávila, Sergio Gómez

700 sqm

Educational, public space, cultural


The main goal of the project is to provide the community of Marinilla with a space where their cultural identities can be expressed, recognized and most importantly can be promoted and preserved. This is a building conceived as an open space, where relevant traits of the paisa culture like gardening, planting, playing guitar, drinking coffee or simply rest on a hammock take place around classrooms that are constantly exposed to the town´s weather and natural environment.

The educational park aims to become a meeting place around learning, defined as a practice based on the building of knowledge through the dialogue between people and the built and natural environments. The Marinilla project more than a building is a public space itself. It is a system conceived on the idea of growth and expansion capable of providing spatial opportunities to accommodate the needs and wants of future users.