EL EQUIPO MAZZANTI/TEAM MAZZANTI, is a Colombian design studio specialising in socially driven architectonic design and academic research. With over twenty-five years of experience, the studio has gained wide national and international recognition. The studio’s practice is characterised by open, collective and non-hierarchical working processes, which bring together architects, urban planners, sociologists, artists and other professionals. On-going questioning and discussion, as well as a motivation to transgress given limits, constitute part of the development of every project. 

EQUIPO MAZZANTI believes architecture is one of the keys for the construction of a more competitive and sustainable society. The studio reaches out to contribute towards social transformation and well being, devising detailed contextual research, and involving local actors throughout its design processes. The studio produces innovative design based on the observation of day by day interactions, which hold unpredictable spatial and programmatic possibilities.


We state architecture value not only lies in itself but in what it produces, we see architecture not only as a profession but a way to build thinking and locate in the world. For us there is no difference between thinking and making; the hand and the mind are the same action and a set that are the base for our practice.

We induce actions, happening and relationships, which allows us to develop forms, pattern and open material organizations that act in the social operations construction. With this we don´t refer to the application of functional authoritarian diagrams but the action that trigger new day to day interactions that are able to trigger behaviors and new dynamics, encouraging people to act in ways they´ll never think to act.


Giancarlo Mazzanti / Laura Jaramillo/ María Mazzanti

Giancarlo Mazzanti’s Resume