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With more than 15 years in the architectural design market, El Equipo Mazzanti has a special interest in the research of play and its use as a design tool to engage and trigger social behaviors within communities impacted by their designs.

As part of our ongoing research in design strategies we have developed a line of retail toys, We play You play, inspired by our most renowned architectural and social projects.

Forest of Hope Canopy

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Forest of Hope is a sports center located in the municipality of Soacha near Bogotá (Colombia) designed in 2011 by El Equipo Mazzanti, a Colombian design and architecture studio with a long international trajectory.

The sports center has a total area of 1,744 m2 of which 700 m2 are covered by a structure that “evokes a group of trees as a symbol of unity, nature and hope”. The space is a meeting place where the community practices sports and participates in educational or recreational activities creating bonds of cooperation among the inhabitants.

Forest of Hope is a project made of modules, able to grow and adapt to different situations. Each of the modules is a polyhedron of 12 faces, that is to say, a dodecahedron. The materials used are expanded mesh, round metal tube and translucent tiles

A unique product of its kind, this building set is inspired on the renowned architectural project Forest of Hope. An innovative way to learn about design, creativity and inventiveness. The set allows innumerable possibilities to boost imagination and build structures, transforming the player into an architect. The set includes16 polypropylene magnetic modules, metal and polypropylene sticks and 2 cotton bags to carry the game wherever you want!

The original Forest of Hope model is now part of the Centre Pompidou Paris permanent architecture collection.