Barranquilla Modern Art Museum

Barranquilla, Colombia


Parque Cultural del Caribe

Eugenia Concha, Juan Manuel Gil, Juan Carlos Zapata, Manuela Dangond, Rocío Lamprea, Andres Melo, Carlos Medellín, Diego Casas, Dorotea Rojas, Juan Holguín,Laura Gutierrez, Mariana Bravo, Patricia Gualteros,

Taller 301

8.000 m2

Cultural, public space, educational


Barranquilla Modern Art Museum is projected as a building that participates in the configuration of Parque Cultural del Caribe and its urban transformation through a dynamic cultural axe of the city. The opening of the building to the public space allows the approach to the cultural heritage of the country and the enjoyment for all the citizens, additionally to the connection with the Museum through a plaza that will turn into a great active space that invites people to embrace the place as part of the city.

The project rises from the need to have a space to learn about modern art and a cultural path. Also it exist the need for the exhibition of Alejandro Obregon´s wall painting. It is conceived as a place with flexible spaces, dynamics pathways, new ways of learning and new experiences to enjoy the art and culture, becoming a cultural space for the city. The museum´s idea is to be a live one, that it can be used and activated by the users. There are other ways to use the building, allowing its renting for private events, helping to the funding and sustainability of the project on time.