Kimberly innovation center competition

Medellin, Colombia


Kimberly Clark

Jorge Gómez, Juan Manuel Gil, Juliana Zambrano.

Educational, innovation and research


The new site for the Kimberly Innovation Center is located in the middle of a natural reserve next to the city. Its architectural concept is not only efficient but it is a productive and creative meeting place. It is located nearby Medellin, a city in the middle of the mountains with unique landscapes, views and environment. Therefore it is a culture attached to its natural surroundings, used to have a garden to take care of and to contemplate.

The new Kimberly center of innovation should be a natural living surface. A large park is a figure that seems to be disappearing, there are several other typologies burgeoning and rebuilding the idea of amusement. Today an office space does not have to be uniquely a cubicle with a desk and a conference room, now you can find a slide, a swimming pool or a games room amongst the working areas. Business is empowered by possibilities, by freedom to learn, challenge and expand. This site offers the opportunity to combine the splendor of the suburban space with the social intensity of an urban activity such as a teaching and research. Meanwhile the building constructs an active landscape.