Technical institute - Barrancabermeja

Barrancabermeja, Colombia


Alcaldía de Barrancabermeja

Alberto Aranda, Juan Carlos Zapata, Lorena Mendoza, Luz Rocío Lamprea, Carlos Medellín, Humberto Mora, Julián Quiroz. Interns: Pablo Maal

Taller 301



Barrancabermeja technical institute is part of the public space program design by the city mayor, the most important oil city of the country that developed the oil area but forgot about the public space and their citizens. The building can not only answer to the educational matters but the public space, the collective thinking and the community. We want to generate places for learning that will anchor the public space that will be used for the entire city.

The program answers mainly to workshops and classrooms. The division of the place is done in two levels concentrating the workshops on the first floor. The classrooms are located in the second floor generating a relationship between the two floors. Each piece of the system is able to connect, interact, exchange resources, energy and information. In this way the meetings are increased as well as the interaction between the students. Besides the activities given by the program, the patios can let multiple activities benefiting from the educational experience and the social act of learning.