Systems for Bogota Kindergartens: El Porvenir Kindergarten (built) and Los Cedros Kindergarten (designed)

Bogota, Colombia


Secretaria de Integracion Social

Acknowledgement XXI Bienal de Arquitectura Colombia 2010
Permanent collection MOMA

Andrés Morales, Andrés Sarmiento, Fredy Pantoja, Jairo Ovalle, Juliana Angarita, María Alejandra Pérez, Ricardo Silva, Susana Somoza. Interns: Beatriz Robayo, Felipe Castro, Ramón Morales.

Iwan Baan, Rodrigo Dávila, Foto Rudolf

2100 sqm



The kindergarten is conceived as a visible structure and a landmark for the neighborhood. It looks forward to be a new urban centrality that allows the community to access to spaces for eating, auditorium and meeting patios, etc., without disturbing the place operation; for this objective the project is designed with access from the street to the exterior patio and from it to the spaces defined as public.

An oval form was used as a primary element on the place. Its own form differentiates from its surrounding where a great contrast between social housing and self build ones, changing the place into a community magnet.

The building has an exterior oval and an interior one that divides the public access space from the interior part that is like a bird nest that protects the children. The three cubes are intertwined, generating intern patios and pathways that work as meeting spaces, recreation and sports. The enclosure is permeable to allow a relation interior-exterior with the city.