Plaza Mayor Medellin - International Convention Center

Daniel Bonilla, Rafael Esguerra

Medellin, Colombia


Alcaldia de Medellin

Alberto Aranda, Alberto Fonseca, Ana Lucia Cano, Angélica Rojas, Mauricio Ortega, Samuel Martínez, Sergio Restrepo, Sergio Restrepo, Víctor Gonzáles.

Carlos Tobon

32.000 sqm build area 25.300 sqm landscape

Cultural, public space


The C.I.C. of Medellin has been structure from an urban project, based on the idea a city of “open doors” against of the typical traditional institutional building surrounded by fences and isolate from the neighborhood. Due to this the non built areas become as import as the built ones, so public space becomes the main generator of urbanity, an opens space framed by the subtle and new feature fro the area.

The International Convention Centre of Medellin - C.I.C., is an urban complex including a ballrooms, conference facilities, educational-retail building and parking lots; within a public space structure with plazas, pedestrian ways and landscape. The urban quality of the complex creates a new feature in the city enhancing an eco-sustainable development that articulates the surrounded existing buildings and the urban structure.