Forest of hope - Cazucá

Cazucá, Colombia


Pies Descalzos Foundation

Bienal Colombiana de Arquitectura 2012 acknowledgment
Permanent collection Pompidou (Paris)

Charline Lalanne, Jonathan Hernandez, Juan Manuel Gil, Liv Johana Zea, Lorena Gonzalez.

Jorge Gamboa

700 sqm

Sports, cultural


Forest of hope is a sport center in the outskirts of Bogotá where the community can practice several sports and take part of different recreational and academic activities that lead to a cooperative community. This Project is located in the municipally of Soacha, Altos de Cazucá. This lies in a very depressed area that lacks of public infrastructure. This area is known for its security problems and it has become the shelter of thousands of people that have been displaced of their hometowns because of the conflict.

We believe that architecture’s value lies, not only in it, but in what it produces. We are interested in producing actions, change and relationships; this will allow us to develop shapes, patterns or open organizations that act in the construction of social actions. Hope Forest is what we call an open project, that is a project made out of modules, able to grow, and able to adapt to different situations. It consists on a canopy that is able to grow and change depending on the circumstances.